Dr. Simsek’s research areas:


-          Wireless systems; system level modelling and optimization,

-          Machine learning based self-organizing networks (SON); interference coordination, radio and network resource management, latency minimization and reliability maximization in multi-user wireless networks,

-          5th generation (5G) wireless networks and emerging use cases, (e.g., industrial automation, autonomous driving, massive Internet of Things (IoT) applications)

-          Tactile Internet, architecture design for remote control based use cases including human and machine in the loop applications,

-          Edge-cloud automation; radio access network (RAN) abstraction, network (slice) management, backpropagation based online optimization on dynamic networks

“Especially, the necessity for a holistic view on wireless systems, starting from the network (edge) to the mobile device, and the highly inter-disciplinary nature of the emerging use cases within the fifth generation (5G) communication systems are highly encouraging me to further deepen my research in future wireless networks. My aim is to continue and expand my research towards the joint design, modelling, and optimization of the wireless edge and access networks by especially focusing on heterogeneous use cases with diverse requirements together with industrial and academic partners.”